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Phoenix is the most populated city in Arizona. The 1.4 million residents, Phoenicians, call the city Hoozdo or 'the place is hot'. The Hohokam civilization that occupied the land named it and stuck even after it was incorporated in 1881. Phoenix is a hot place, with temperatures exceeding 100 degrees Fahrenheit nearly 90 days a year.

Phoenix has been primarily dependent on cotton and citrus production. Recently, the city has boomed into a center for business, housing some major telecommunications and high-tech companies, even attracting some Fortune 1000 companies.

Phoenix's landscape is very rural. The city boasts some fantastic natural parks and activities. Papago Park covers 1,200 acres and is home to a variety of desert plants. The Piestewa Peak is the second highest point in the Phoenix Mountains and is famous for its scenery and hiking trails. Both have been named Phoenix Points of Pride, which designates the city's best.

The Heard Museum is another Phoenix Point of Pride. It holds over 35,000 items in its many exhibits. The city's best architecture can be viewed at the Arizona Biltmore Hotel. The hotel is popular for its historical architecture and luxurious suites.



Arizona Biltmore Hotel Papago Park Piestewa Peak
Heard Museum