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Tucson is the second largest city in the state of Arizona, with a population of more than half a million. Tucson originates from the Uto-Aztecan word ‘Cuk ?on’ meaning ‘Black Base’. The name refers to its surrounding volcanic mountains. The most prominent of the mountains is Sentinel Peak, also known as A Mountain, located in the Sentinel Peak Park.

Tucson’s landscape is of desert atmosphere and surrounded by five mountain ranges. The city’s natural environment can be experienced at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, which contains a zoo, museum and botanical garden.

Tucson has a very diverse cultural background. The Arizona Historical Society holds a collection of cultural artifacts held in four divisions throughout the state. The Tucson division pertains to Southern Arizona and contains many museums, including the Sosa-Carrillo-Fremont House. Tucson’s history can also be experience through music. Mariachi music is very popular in Tucson. Mariachi is a type of music that originated in Mexico and is well recognized for the player’s silver studded charro outfits and wide-brimmed hats. The International Mariachi Conference is held here every year.



Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum Sentinel Peak Park Sosa-Carrillo-Fremont House