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Los Angeles

Los Angeles

Los Angeles is known for its beautiful beaches, climate and style. Los Angeles is currently the second most populated city in the United States, with nearly 12 million residents. The city was founded in the 19th century by a Spanish explorer, who named it 'The Town of Our Lady Queen of the Angels'. The name was later shortened to 'Los Angeles' and was ceded with the rest of California at the end of the Mexican-American War.

Los Angeles encompasses all that is movie star glamour. The city achieved international fame with its production of motion pictures, television and music. Universal Studios was one of the first studios to begin movie production, beginning with silent films in 1915. Star glamour can be seen all over Los Angeles, from the stars along the Hollywood Walk of Fame to the cemented autographs in the forecourt of the Grauman Chinese Theatre.

Los Angeles welcomes many personalities, from those wishing to make it big to those who already have. The city's most eclectic residents can be found along Venice Beach, which supports a counter-culture environment. Still, Los Angeles's most recognizable area is amongst the Hollywood Hills that displays the famous Hollywood Sign.



Grauman Chinese Theatre Universal Studios Venice Beach
Hollywood Sign