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Oakland is located on the eastern shore of the San Francisco Bay in California. The city was inhibited by early Spanish explorers who settled the land around Lake Merritt. After the Mexican-American War and the California Gold Rush, the city was flooded by American settlers and was incorporated in 1852.

Oakland is nicknamed ‘Oaktown’, referring to the many Oak trees spread throughout the city. Residents refer to city parts as either ‘the flatlands’ or ‘the hills’. Most of Oakland is the flat plain of the San Francisco Bay with another portion rising into the foothills of the East Bay range.

Downtown Oakland is home to many entertainment venues and museums. The Oakland Museum of California showcases unique collections of California’s history and people. Jack London Square is another popular attraction on the shore of Lake Merritt. The square features many shops and cafes.

Oakland was also home to one of the most prominent families in the U.S. The Pardee family was an elite family involved in politics and travel. The Pardee Home was turned into a museum in 1991 and remains as it did in 1981.



Jack London Square Lake Merritt Pardee Home