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Sacramento is the capital of the state of California. The city acquired many nicknames such as ‘Capital City’ and ‘City of Trees’. The name Sacramento originated from the Spanish explorer who, in the early 1800’s, named the area after the ‘Sacrament’ River, which he believed contained holy water.

The nearly half million residents refer to the city as ‘Sac’ or ‘Sactown’. The cultural center of the city is called Old Sacramento. This area is home to Sutter’s Fort, whose protection attracted many people in the 1860’s California Gold Rush. Old Sacramento is also the site of the California State Railroad Museum. The museum is a tribute to the city’s advancement of the railroad. The Central Pacific Railroad, the Southern Pacific Railroad and the First Transcontinental Railroad were founded here.

Sacramento is also home to the oldest art museum west of the Mississippi River. The Crocker Art Museum features collections of old master drawings and miniature Indian artworks.



California State Railroad Museum Crocker Art Museum Sutter’s Fort