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San Jose

San Jose

San Jose is located at the south end of the San Francisco Bay. It is the largest city in Northern California with just under one million residents. The city began as a small farming center and has become a thriving agricultural area. San Jose is also the capital of the Silicon Valley, due to its advancements in the technology industry. It was also the first town of the Spanish Empire.

San Jose is home to many museums, like the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum, which holds the largest collection of Egyptian artifacts in the western U.S. Other museums can be found at Kelley Park, including the Portuguese Historical Museum and the Alum Rock Park, the largest and oldest city park. This park is famous for being the location of the 'Alum Rock Meteor.'

San Jose's most visited attraction is the Winchester Mystery House. This 160 room Victorian mansion was once owned by the rifle heiress Sarah Winchester, who made bizarre additions to the house. Additions include dead end staircases and windows on the floor.



Alum Rock Park Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum Winchester Mystery House.
Kelley Park