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Washington, D.C.


Washington, D.C. is the capital city of the United States. Originally called Federal City, it is named after George Washington, the first president of the U.S. D.C. is an abbreviation for the District of Columbia. The city is commonly referred to as D.C. or the District.

At the center of many important U.S. structures is the National Mall. This open air park spans from the Washington Monument to the United States Capitol with numerous historical attractions in between. Also part of the National Mall but not on the main lawn is the Lincoln Memorial, commemorating 16th President Abraham Lincoln.

Washington, D.C. is also home to some of the nation’s most famous landmarks. The north façade of the White House, the home and workplace of the President, is the most recognizable icon of the U.S. Other notable icons include the Jefferson Memorial and the Kennedy Center.

Washington, D.C. is also a strong cultural center. The Smithsonian Institution Building is the headquarters for the 19 Smithsonian Museums, 8 research centers and zoo. The Library of Congress in the U.S. national library and holds the world’s largest book collection.



Library of Congress National Mall Smithsonian Institution Building
Lincoln Memorial