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Miami is the second largest city in Florida and is situated between the Atlantic Ocean and the Everglades in South Florida. Miami is nicknamed ‘The Magic City’ for its quick expansion in population and economic activity. It is the second ranked city worldwide for having the most building construction over 500 feet tall. It has become a large finance and international commerce center.

Miami is widely known as being the ‘gateway of the Americas’. It is an international and cultural center, with large populations of South Americans and Islanders. Many of the nearly 400,000 residents are bilingual.

This cultural melting pot is located along the Biscayne Bay, which covers 35 miles and houses many attractions. Bayside Marketplace offers amazing views of the bay and the Miami Beach skyline.

Across the bay is Miami Beach. Although not truly distinguishable, they are separate cities. Miami Beach is famous for its pristine beaches and nightlife entertainment. World renowned South Beach is recognized as a tourist attraction for its art deco architecture and nighttime entertainment.



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