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Tampa is the third largest city in the state of Florida. It is located on the west coast along the Gulf of Mexico. The city was inhibited by an early Native American tribe, Calusa. In 1821, Spain transferred Florida to the U.S. and an Indian reservation was established for the Clausa.

By 1883, the city was a huge cigar manufacturing center. Ybor owned the cigar operations and established Ybor City to accommodate the factories and workers. Tampa is still nicknamed ‘Cigar City’.

Tampa’s history is preserved in the Hyde Park Historic Districts. The districts cover 5,600 acres and contain 1,264 historic buildings, including the Hutchinson House, a Second Empire style home. The Tampa Bay History Center is an educational institution that operates the history and heritage museum and library in downtown Tampa. The museum showcases the rich history of the Tampa Bay Area.

Tampa is also home to Busch Gardens, an amusement park operated by the Busch Entertainment Corporation. The park began in 1959 as a hospitality facility for the Anheuser-Busch brewery. Today, the park is called Busch Gardens Africa and features multiple roller coasters and African animal exhibits.



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