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Atlanta is the capital and most populous city in the state of Georgia. Atlanta is one of the fastest growing cities and is recognized as a driving force for the South. Nicknamed ‘The Big Peach’ for its peach cultivation, the city is considered a top single-family housing area.

Atlanta has a strong military history. It was a railroad and supply center during the American Civil War. The city has been called ‘the Phoenix’ for its emergence from its many battles. It was also important in the Civil Rights Movement. The Martin Luther King Jr. National Historical Site showcases the city’s involvement and impact.

Atlanta’s first big population boom is said to have been due to the classic film, Gone with the Wind, which took place within city limits. The Margaret Mitchell House, the author’s house while writing the manuscript, is a major tourist attraction.

Atlanta is also home to ‘the world’s largest aquarium’. The Georgia Aquarium holds more than 8 million gallons of marine and fresh water. It features more than 100,000 animals, most notably are the young whale sharks.



Georgia Aquarium Margaret Mitchell House Martin Luther King Jr. National Historical Site