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Indianapolis became the capital of Indiana in 1821 and is now the fastest growing city in the Midwest. Indianapolis is translated in Greek to mean 'Indiana City', which was thought to prove its significance as a capital city.

Indianapolis is also called the 'Circle City', as having many circular featues throughout the city. The most prominent circle is Monument Circle, which is located in the center of the city. Here, the Soldiers and Sailors Monument is displayed, which honors all soldiers and sailors of the Civil War. A circular structure, the Hilbert Circle Theatre was the first grand movie palace in the U.S. It is now home to the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra.

The city also has a 250 acre park called the White River State Park. It was established in 1979 and features the Indiana State Museum, the Indianapolis Zoo and many botanic gardens.

Indianapolis is also well known for its sports and sport complexes. The Indianapolis Motor Speedway is the most famous for being the home to the Indianapolis 500 Mile Race, commonly called the Indy 500.



Hilbert Circle Theatre Indiana State Museum Monument Circle
Indianapolis Motor Speedway