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Louisville is the largest city in the state of Kentucky. The land was founded in 1778 by George Clark and named after King Louis XVI of France. The city sits on the Kentucky-Indiana border, and is sometimes referred to as ‘Kentuckiana’. The city’s nicknames include ‘Falls City’ and ‘River City’. Louisville is the only obstruction in the Ohio River, forming the rapids known as the Falls of Ohio.

Louisville features many museums, all located along ‘Museum Row’. Some prominent museums include the Frazier International History Museum and the Louisville Science Center. Louisville contains 123 public parks. One of the most visited parks in the nation is Cherokee Park. The park features numerous landmarks like Lover’s Lane and Nettleroth Bird Sanctuary.

Louisville’s most famous sporting event is the Kentucky Derby, often called the ‘Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports’. The race is held at the Churchill Downs Station, a thoroughbred racetrack that opened in 1875.



Cherokee Park Churchill Downs Station Frazier International History Museum