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Baltimore is the largest city in Maryland and is independent, meaning it is not part of the local government entity. The city was the second leading port for immigrants in the 1800's and got its name from founding proprietor, Lord Baltimore, who got his name from his originating town in Ireland.

Baltimore's port made the city an early thriving center, being more accessible than Boston and New York. During the War of 1812, Fort McHenry played an important role in protecting the port from the British navy. Today, the port is an attraction as well as a seaport. Harborplace is a festival marketplace that helped with the attraction of tourists and revived the downtown harbor area.

Baltimore's historical architecture and design can be seen in the city's important buildings. The Baltimore Basilica features classical designs from the 1800's. The basilica is America's oldest Catholic Cathedral and was constructed under the guidance of America's first Bishop, John Carroll. The Baltimore Museum of Art opened in 1914 and holds one the most important art collections in the world, with pieces from Picasso and Matisse.



Baltimore Basilica Fort McHenry Harborplace
Baltimore Museum of Art