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Cincinnati is the third largest city in Ohio and is considered the first major American boomtown. The city rapidly expanded in the 19th century, which made it the first major inland city.

Cincinnati’s cityscape is designed with a focus around Fountain Square, Cincinnati and surrounded by many tall buildings. Downtown Cincinnati is home to many big corporations and is considered the sixth safest region for business in the country.

Cincinnati hosts many festivals and events, including the Cincinnati Flower Show, the Festival of Lights, the Tall Stacks Festival and the second largest Oktoberfest in the world, to celebrate the city’s German heritage. The German immigrants in the 19th century also developed the largest National Historic District in the U.S. The Over-the-Rhine neighborhood, Cincinnati contains the largest collection of Italianate and European style architecture in the country.

Cincinnati’s Eden Park is home to the city’s cultural attractions. The park covers 186 acres and features the Cincinnati Art Museum, the Playhouse in the Park and the Irwin M. Kron Conservatory. The Kron Conservatory is a top attraction and holds plants from all over the world and hosts six flower shows annually.



Cincinnati Art Museum Fountain Square, Cincinnati Over-the-Rhine neighborhood, Cincinnati