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Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City is the capital and most populous city in the state of Oklahoma. The city was founded during the Land Run of 1889, when participants flooded the area. The area was admitted to the Union in 1907, and had become so big that the capital moved from the territorial capital of Guthrie to Oklahoma City. The move has nicknamed the city the ‘Capital of the New Century’.

Oklahoma is well known for its tornado activity, as it sits in America’s Tornado Alley. The city is also remembered as being victim of one of the largest terrorist attacks on U.S. soil. The Oklahoma City bombing in 1995 destroyed the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building, which now is the site of the Oklahoma City National Memorial.

Oklahoma City’s most recognizable landmark is the Crystal Bridge at the Myriad Botanical Gardens. The park covers 17 acres and consists of an outdoor garden and the Crystal Bridge Tropical Conservatory. The Crystal Bridge contains plants from every continent except Antarctica and offers views of the city skyline. Also notable, is the Oklahoma City Museum of Art. The museum holds the largest collection of Chihuly glass art in the world. It is also popular for presenting classic films in their cinema.



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