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Tulsa is the second largest city in the state of Oklahoma, with a population of nearly 400,000. The city is nicknamed the ‘Oil Capital of the World’ for its oil production up until the 20th century. The economic success from the oil led to the expansion of modern buildings and residential estates. The city became so pleasant that it acquired the new nickname ‘America’s Most Beautiful City’.

The history of Tulsa can be experienced through museums and historic art galleries. The Gilcrease Museum holds the world’s largest collection of art of the American West. The museum is also home to an extensive anthropology collection and many outdoor gardens.

Tulsa manages 140 parks covering 6,000 acres. The Tulsa Woodward Park is the most prominent with 45 acres of land, featuring three distinct botanical gardens. Mohawk Park is the third largest municipal park in the U.S. The park contains the Tulsa Zoo and Living Museum, the Oxley Nature Center, golf courses and a skate park. The Tulsa Zoo and Living Museum is considered America’s favorite zoo with 78 acres of animals from 436 species.



Gilcrease Museum Tulsa Woodward Park Tulsa Zoo and Living Museum