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Memphis is the largest city in the state of Tennessee. It is also the youngest of the four major Tennessee cities, founded in 1819. The city is located in the southwest area, along the eastern bank of the Mississippi River. The Mud Island River Park is a park surrounded by the river, in which visitors can view models of cities and bridges along the waterway.

Memphis is a cultural hub for music. It is home to all kinds of music, from rock 'n' roll to blues. Graceland, the former home of Rock 'n' Roll King Elvis Presley, attracts more than 600,000 visitors to its Presley memorial. All Memphis music can be heard on Beale Street. Beale Street, a popular music scene, played a strong role in the growth 'Memphis Blues' style music. Today, it is famous for its blues clubs, restaurants and the Memphis Walk of Fame.

Memphis was also important in the evolution of civil rights. The city was home to Martin Luther King Jr., an important civil rights activist. Luther King Jr. was assassinated in 1968 at the Lorraine Motel, which is now part of the National Civil Rights Museum.



Beale Street Mud Island River Park National Civil Rights Museum