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Fort Worth

Fort Worth

Fort Worth was founded in 1849 as a military camp named after General Jenkins Worth. The city's nickname is 'Cowtown' due to its large part in the cattle industry. Fort Worth has strong influences in the South and proclaims the motto 'where the west begins'. This is true, for the city is literally the gateway into the southwestern areas of Texas.

Fort Worth is known as cowboy country. Most notably, the city is recognized for its Stockyards. This historical district was at the center of the cattle industry until the late 1960's. Today, it is a tourist attraction and home to many western themed shops and bars like Billy Bob's Texas.

Fort Worth's downtown area shows a city side apart from the cowboy way. The city holds many attractions. Sundance Square is the city entertainment center named after the infamous Sundance Kid. Also in the downtown area is the Fort Worth Water Gardens, a 4.3 acre park featuring pools and water structures.

The Fort Worth cultural district is home to many exquisite museums, including the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. This museum is the oldest art museum in Texas and features more than 2,600 pieces of post-war art.



Billy Bob's Texas Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth Sundance Square
Fort Worth Water Gardens