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Frequently Asked Questions

How does USdirectory.com work?

USdirectory.com uses a combination of categories and keywords with geographic indexing technology to provide relevant search results to local shoppers and buyers looking for businesses, products and services. USdirectory.com links buyers and sellers.

Basics of Searching for a Business

The “Search Business” tab lets you find businesses based on the name, the type of business, or the products and services they sell and/or provide.

  • Enter a business name such as "Miami Towing" or just a type of business such as Towing or Towing Services; or enter keywords such as car repair, jump start or local towing.
  • Enter a city or ZIP code under the corresponding field and select the state. If you would like to search in a wider range select the range in which you would like to search.
  • The results will provide a list of all businesses that match your search.

The “Search People” tab lets you search the White Pages

  • Find a person by his or her full or partial name.
  • Use "Reverse Phone" to find out who owns a phone number.
  • Find out who lives at a particular address using "Reverse Address".
  • Get area and ZIP codes.

The “City Guides” tab takes you to a city-based search.

  • Obtain current weather forecasts to major cities
  • Search for local events and obtain related links
  • Get information and maps to featured attractions

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