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The Wagucha Folklore Group comes to you from the Garifuna community living in Boston, Massachusetts. Under the direction of Omar “Baba Kle” Suazo this group brings a new energy to a centuries old Afro-Caribbean tradition of hand drum music and dance from towns and villages that dot the Atlantic Coast of Honduras, Belize, Guatemala, and Nicaragua.


“Wagucha” refers to “our lineage and our roots” which are the core connection of the Garifuna communities in diaspora where drumming, song and dance tie us to our shared history and common ancestors. Beyond the appeal of a performance, Wagucha Folklore Group creates an inviting and engaging traditional experience that is great for Latino Heritage Month, Kwanzaa, Black History Month, Residence Life programming, and a host of other multicultural /diversity events campuswide.


Wagucha Folklore Group offers traditional Garifuna performances and workshops comprised of songs, drumming, and dance.  Skits highlighting the true Garifuna life experience are also an attractive educational feature of our repertoire. CALL or E-MAIL (617) 869 - 5171 / (607) 261-0630 wagucha@aol.com for more information about having Wagucha Garifuna at your next multicultural event.




Omar Suazo has been considered the new wave of traditional and modern Garfiuna music. He was born in the Garifuna town of Sambo Creek, Honduras. As a child he learned what all Garifuna children learned; how to make crafts, sing, dance and play Garifuna instruments. Later, he would became known as a master of Garifuna life. At the age of five he started performing from town to town singing and dancing traditional Garfuna music. By age sixteen, he was recognized by the owner of Projecto X, one of the hottest bands at that time, to be lead punta singer. Omar was, and remains, electric and energetic on stage. With his songs and dance moves he was quickly becoming the youngest rising Punta singer in Central America. Later, he joined with Yurumei Band after migrating to Boston, MA in the US. He soon became Yurumei’s lead punta singer, and created his own roots educational effort - the  Wagucha Folklore Group. Now Omar has become a soloist known as Omar "Baba Kle" Suazo. His CD "Tanari Mama" (Medicine For My Mother) symbolized the hardships of a young adult trying to provide for his/her mother residing in the Garifuna community. As a soloist, he has performed throughout Central America, Europe, and the United States.


CALL (617) 869 - 5171 or E-MAIL  wagucha@aol.com for more information about having a signature Baba Kle performance at your next event.




Alan Castillo is originally from San Juan, Tela, Honduras and is a founding member of the Wagucha Folklore Group. Alan plays the lead Garifuna drum (garawon), called the primera, and is part of the council of elders in Wagucha. Alan is also a talented congero (conga drum player) skilled in a diversity of drum rhythms from throughout Latin America. These include but are not limited to salsa, merenge, cumbia, and the Garifuna punta rock.


B. Malcolm Servio-Mariano, Ph.D.: ABD has been a member of the Wagucha Folklore Group since 1998. He plays the Garifuna bass  drum (garawon) called segunda. Malcolm’s family hails from Dangriga Town in the Stann Creek District of Belize. He has taught in both Belize and the US and has an extensive background in collegiate student affairs. Malcolm currently works in multicultural education and is completing a doctoral degree in Cultural Anthropology.


CALL (617) 869 - 5171 or (607) 261-0630 / E-MAIL  wagucha@aol.com for more information about having Wagucha Garifuna at your next event.