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Home Page:  www.jkennard.organogold.com


Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/jasminekennard

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Food Supplements
Vitamins & Food Supplements
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About Organo Gold OrGano Gold's Healthy Beverage Company! An assortment of coffee, tea, and hot chocolate! I have been drinking Organo Gold Coffee now for two months, and I love it. Normally when I drink coffee I end up dealing with indigestion, but with Organo Gold I've found that this is no longer the norm for me. I'm able to enjoy a good cup or two without any adverse indigestion. ORGANO GOLD COFFEE!! Black (30 sachets), Latte- cream and sugar (20 sachets), Mocha- cream and sugar w/ hint of chocolate (15 sachets), Hot chocolate (15 sachets) Green Tea (25 sachets) Description OrGano Gold is your only source of certified %100 Organic Ganoderma infused in the 2nd most consumed beverage in the world, COFFEE!! Our primary flavors of coffee are the black, latte, and the mocha! Our instant Gourmet Coffee can be made with a 7-8oz cup of hot water and an added sachet pack of your choice. You may carry your sachet of coffee from your home to your job, school, church, restaurant, etc. they were made for your convenience! We simply ask that you give the coffee away, and take note of the response you get! Upon giving away the samples we ask $ simple questions! Do you or anyone you know drink coffee or tea at least occasionally? How do you drink your coffee, black or with cream and sugar? What brand coffee do you typically buy? When was the last time you were sent a check for drinking, sampling, or referring coffee? ill wait......... Well its my pleasure to introduce you to the coffee that pays YOU! You will then be in high demand of a product that's healthy that over 500 billion people consume in America! To learn more about the products visit www.jkennard.organogold.com

Serving the local community for 6 years.

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