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Arizona Home Defense, LLC

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3217 E Shea Blvd
Phoenix, AZ 85028


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Arizona Home Defense provides you with a different solution to the problems everyday people face with home security. Personal and Home security has become increasingly more important to the everyday person. Understanding and reacting to high stress situations is something that everyone needs to be prepared for. At Arizona Home Defense (AZHD), we give you a way to protect yourself that's different. Our classes are not taught by retired police in a small room at a range or gun shop. We are much more hands on. Our classes are custom made to the individual and taught by experienced Veterans in your own home. The idea is that you need to be able to defend yourself in your home and we show you how to do just that for your specific home and layout. If you've ever tried to learn a new skill you know that practice really does matter. The word "perfect" doesn't apply here because in home security and self-defense, you're never finished learning. The best way for most people to learn a new skill is hands on training, not lecture-based instruction. The average person absorbs about 20% from a classroom experience that they're spending hundreds of dollars for. AZHD brings you home practice, skilled professionals, advice, and teachings from someone who has spent years in their craft. Veterans are a special breed of respectful, honest, and hard working individuals that bring their intelligence and training from their experience in the military and combat. With AZ Home Defense's wide variety of programs, you're sure to find something to spark your interest. AZHD carries courses from Concealed carry permit classes, NRA instructional courses, and several different options for personal security.

Serving the local community for 3 years.

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