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Counseling Services
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Transformational Coaching is a holistic and intuitive approach of reuniting clients with their own inner knowledge. It is transformational in nature because it focuses on states of being that generate actions and choices which move a client closer to a desired outcome and a greater sense of what is true. It is for those who wish to live more in alignment with their higher selves and are willing to step into vulnerability by acknowledging the fears that dictate their perceived limitations. Each session is individualized to the specific person. With presence, inquiry and compassion I create a healing environment while providing clients with tools to navigate and explore their interior landscapes. Sessions will invite clients to challenge their current beliefs about themselves, others and life itself. These sessions will vary depending on the individual and their ability to honestly discern what is naturally a part of the soul’s intention or is a manifestation of the ego’s wanting. If you are ready for a new way of being, you are ready for Transformational Coaching. My name is Teresa and I am a Life Coach and Professional Astrologer. I coach individuals and groups to help them gain a better understanding of who they are, what the7 are capable of and how to generate change to find their best path forward.

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