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sf Errand Runners

Personal Services & Assistants


378 Golden Gate Ave Apt 544
San Francisco, CA 94102


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Personal Services & Assistants

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Hello, I am Janet Enigbokan, Errand Runner and Owner of sf Errand Runners... How it all began... Like so many in 2011, I was an unfortunate casualty of a bad economy. Armed with exemplary qualifications, extensive experience and a list of truly outstanding references I immediately began the search for a new job, I was convinced I would find one fairly quickly. I did not, so I did what any highly organized, efficient, multi-tasking, problem-solving Operations Manager would do, I created a position for myself. How we work... As consumers, there's no shortage of service providers out there. It's an easy thing to find a house cleaner, have your groceries delivered and there are lots of restaurants that deliver, but you still have to put in some time coordinate everything. We are different because we do it all; your laundry is in the wash while we're walking your dog, and we're already at the grocery store by the time your laundry hits the dryer. Quite simply, our mission is to make your life easier and we do so by providing 'above and beyond' service, and being resourceful, adaptable and considerate allows sf Errand Runners to complete an extensive range of services, all successfully. Our customer... Whether you're planning a large event, or just need to get through a hectic day, my team and I can accommodate the demands of your schedule and lifestyle. You can have your own personal and reliable support system to do the legwork and take care of the details only when you need them. No two people are the same, tastes and schedules vary so it's important that we remain flexible yet consistent. We are able to work with every budget and youll see results for every dollar you spend.

Serving the local community for 7 years.

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