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Insight Into Disability: memoir details authors triumph over schizophrenia. More people than realised suffer from the effects of schzophrenia and there is no cure for the mental illness. Insight Into Disability author Doug Pargeter candidly reveals his battle with schizophrenia how he learned to cope with the symptoms and gain control of his life through treatment, proper medication and devotion to the Lord. Many inspirational stories interspursed with meaningful and heart felt song lyrics are interspursed throught the book. A candid look at what threaens America in thease last days and a solution to the problems. His latest book is a must read Our Eternal Joy all his books are availabel on his website this one details his conversion to the Gospel plan and how anyone can develope a relationship with Jesus Christ on a regular basis. It emphasizes love and obedience to the commandments as a means of success in this life and in heaven. His country song single I Iove You Too is availabel on iTunes. Love brings about the best in people and is essential to salvation and can be found in abondence regardless of what the media says, be prayerful, have faith and you will find true Joy thru obedience. I Heart Felt Lyrics and Schizophrenia Choices is 60 original country song lyrics coupled with inspiration, romance and Pargeter's choices about his, relationships and christian and conservative values. There is more to relationships with mental illness than you know.There are down falls, hope and success but love is the answer. A fresh look into current policies that threaten our nation. overcoming alcoholism and drugs, the last days as prophisied what matters in America today. Heart Felt lyrics 2 And Actual Love is available in the summer it has 50 original country song lyrics relating to relationships and actual love. There are many kinds of love, how they relate to the 10 Commandments, repentence and achieving possible Celestial Glory. He details an achievabel plan to achieve exaltation.

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